If you record the mileage of your cars for tax report, expense reimbursement or whatever reasons, Milog can be your friend. Milog is a mileage log tracker application for your vehicle trips. It’s designed to lower the burden of your logging efforts down to almost nothing.

Frequently Asked Question: Can I enter more than one location for each trip.

Answer: Yes, you can. To do that, please turn on the switch ‘multiple locations’ in the setup page.

Basic features:
– Keeps track of mileage with start/stop odometers and/or distances
– Supports parking, toll and any extra fee occurred for each trip
– Supports driver, vehicle, location, and purpose of each trip
– You can select usage type for each trip from ‘Business’, ‘Personal’, ‘Medical’, ‘Charity’, and ‘Other’
– ‘mile’ or ‘km’ can be chosen as the odometer unit in the setup screen
– International currency symbols are automatically supported based your settings of iPhone or iPod Touch
– The generic tag field that can be used for any custom tagging of your trips
– Multiple locations per trip

Search/reports features:
– Supports rich search criteria such as date range, tag, location, and vehicle
– Can specify date range from preset list or particular dates as users want
– Shows summarized information for searched data
– Word and Excel-friendly email report
– CSV attachment for easy import to spreadsheet applications

Data backup
– Super convenient backup and restore. You only need an email account.

Convenience features:
– Three ways to delete logs: individual log, searched logs, or logs in specific month
– Monthly log management in Archives tab
– Convenient auto-fill and auto-completion minimizes the manual type-in
– Ability to mark logs as billed for easy management of them

– Maximized field customization. You can enable/disable many fields
– Renaming of the field names for customized reports
– Tenths of of mile/km can be enabled/disabled in the odometer wheel
– Distance only mode
– Multiple locations vs single location per trip
– Red badge over application icon can be enabled/disabled
– Trip end time can be enabled/disabled
– Time of the day can be enabled/disabled